Golfe du Morbihan


After the Isles de Glenan, Wild Bird and I found our way to Port la Foret, Concarneau, Rivers Aven and Belon, Doelan, Lomener and Lorient. We met up with Joe and Clare Fraser in Locmiquelic and the addition to the crew of another two pairs of hands was greatly appreciated. Margie joined the boat on Thursday in Lorient, having used the French Blabla car sharing system of getting a lift from Nantes to Lorient. No time to explain here!

River Blavet is a must-visit river and at the top Hennebont is a delight. We spent a night at Sauzon, Ile de Groix and the following day motored around it to check out the anchorages. Next day was spent finding our way into River Etel which involved being talked in by the coastguard equivalent. Sauzon, Belle Ile was next and a further day checking out the anchorages, all round the island.

We had an exciting sail into Quiberon Bay and Joe and Clare left us in La Trinite. Margie and I spent last night in Auray and we are now exploring the anchorages in this amazing inland sea. Picture is Margie on Wild Bird at sunset in the river Auray……..enjoying life!