Back to Brest for engine repairs......


We left the beautiful Chateaulin on Monday and were happily motoring towards Camaret when I noticed the temperature guage was recording 120 degrees C! The light was on but no alarm sounding. There were plumes of white smoke wafting out of the exhaust pipe. We did a quick right turn and with judicious use of the engine and the sails, we limped into Moulin Blanc, where we had left four days previously. We are now on Day 2 of repairs and so far the water pump and the heat exchanger have had a thorough overhaul. Hoping to conduct sea-trials tomorrow and get back on the road. In the mean time, I have cleaned both loos and the cooker! Looking forward to my next crew, Simon Stanford-Tuck who arrives at the weekend.

Must go and help the mechanic and all blogs are now up to date!